Introduction to Psychology 
Psychology is the study of the mind and human behaviour. It is explored from several different perspectives referred to as approaches. These include six key approaches namely, biological, psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural, social and humanistic theories. This course attempts to answer some of the fundamental questions we all have as humans, what shapes our behaviours? The sheer wonder of our brains and how we remember and forget? Why is food, sleep and having sex so important to us? Why do we conform or obey people in authority? What are the rules of attraction in people coming together in relationships and why we break up? 
It is a fascinating journey, and we encourage all who are interested in the science of mind and behaviour to begin their studies here. 
Learning Objectives: 
By the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to: 
1. Demonstrate understanding of the key approaches and assumptions in Psychology 
2. Demonstrate understanding of different brain structures and their function in humans and practical ways we can support it to perform at its very best 
3. Describe where and how memories are formed and everyday strategies we can use to improve it and stop memory loss  
4. Identify and explain psychological theories of attraction and relationship formation 
5. Understanding why we conform or obey people in authority  
6. Identify sources of stress and coping skills and how to effectively manage it 
7. Identify different types and theories of depression and anxiety and practical and natural ways to treat with it without the side effects caused by drug therapies 
8. How to make a N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T. to improving your mind, body and spirity and live a more productive and happy life 
Course outline 
Module 1  
• Introduction – Psychology: The Big Elephant (Origin, history, and approaches to psychology) 
Module 2 
• Your Brilliant Brain! (Neuropsychology, structure and function of the brain and how it works best) 
Module 3 
• Do You Remember (what is memory? memory types, research, and strategies 
Module 4 
• Rules of Attraction (why are we attracted to someone, sex, and relationships) 
Module 5 
• Respecting Authority (Why do we conform and whom do we obey?) 
Module 6 
• Stressed Out (physiology, source, Individual differences & managment) 
Module 7 
Depression & Anxiety: A Way Out (Types, theories, therapies) 
Module 8 
Lifestyle Aids (NEWSTART to improving your Psyche- the body, mind, and spirit) 
Previous Experience and Knowledge needed 
None - just a general interest in the subject 
All students will undergo continous assessment via questioning, multiple choice questions, homework assignments and worksheets.  
Course Fee 
£35 (Individual weekly lessons)  
£270 (Single one-off payment) 
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