Excellent tutor, always calm and patient so that you don't feel emabrassed if you are struggling with something. Venrease ensured all my A-level lessons were fun and best suited to how I learn. Massive help and secured me the A* grades I wanted in lots of my papers. - Hannah 
I cannot describe how much you have helped me and helped me learn. I'm really grateful for what you have done and I cannot thank you enough. - Elliott 
Thank you so much for introducing me to psychology at GCSE. I have loved it so much and am really excited to pursue it. You are an amazing teacher and I wish you much luck creating your website and inspiring so many more people. - Isobel 
We've made it to the end of A-level Psychology, even though at times, it felt as thiough we would never get there. Thank you so much for all your help and support. You are truly one of the most inspirational people I've ever met! - Laura 
Thanks for being the best teacher and always trying to make lessons fun! I would also like to thank you for encouraging and giving me confidence and always having faith in me and everyone. - Rhiyanna 
Just want to say thanks heaps for teaching us! Deffinitely my fave teacher and by faaaar my favourite class. Love you all superly xo - Payshala 
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